Work packages


Work Package (WP)

Type of activity


Supporting activities: mapping and analysis on innovation, identification of stakeholders, national studies; development of innovation services   


Core activities: pilot service delivery, networking, trainings, national and international brokerages






WP1 Survey of national state of innovation in EPCs

In WP1 (led by ICEG) an in-depth analysis will be prepared on the present national state of innovation in EPCs in the field of energy efficiency, with special focus to identify major bottlenecks of innovation. In the first step a conceptual framework will be defined and the methodology of the review will be developed. Data will be collected on energy and energyefficiency, and on research, technology development and innovation; national strategies will be collected and analysed. Based on the mapping of the stakeholders in energy efficiency and innovation in the EPCs, a database will be set up. Using all these inputs, systemic national studies of research-to-innovation bottlenecks in promoting energy efficiency will be prepared by the EPC partners with the methodological support of the EU partners. Draft studies will be validated by the local energy efficiency/innovation community at a targeted national workshop.

WP2 Development of innovation services

WP2 (led by AREA) will build new capacities to provide innovation services in the EPCs with the aim to assist both researchers and SMEs/businesses in improving their performance to manage the transfer of knowledge from academy to industry/market. The consortium will analyze the needs, and bring decision on the innovation services to be developed and/or adapted and introduced in the targeted EPCs. Services to support concrete innovation activities and facilitate direct public research-business linkages to assist the exploitation of research results will be preferred. To improve the human and organisational capacity of the EPC partners, a twinning system will be established (staff exchange, study tours in both directions, mentoring given by EU partners). Trainings will be provided, on the basis of „train the trainer” principle (innovation service provision; building international contacts/cooperation; supporting the participation of EPCs in H2020 and other EU programmes).

WP3 Pilot service delivery

WP3 (led by INTRASOFT) will pave the way for a more effective commercialization and exploitation of research results in the EPCs. Innovation services will be delivered on a national basis according to actual demands, with the aim to increase the capabilities of service beneficiaries (both companies/SMEs and research organisations) in launching the research exploitation process and implement successfully the innovation from knowledge to market. Capitalizing on the knowledge received at the trainings in WP2, EPC partners will organize training workshops for scientists, research managers, with special attention to young entrepreneurs. As part of the services, national brokerage events will be organised in each EPC with the aim to facilitate the matchmaking of research organisations and businesses to define projects for exploiting research results. In order to open up towards a wider audience, to bring together partners from the whole ENP region, from other EECA countries, as well as from EU MS and Associated Countries an international brokerage event will take place in Ukraine. The expected result is at least 10 project ideas (confirmed by Letters of Intent) directed at the exploitation of EPC research results.

WP4 Policy dialogue and networking

WP4 (led by SDEWES Centre) will develop a policy dialogue between the EU, EU MS/ACs and EPCs, and in particular among EPCs, on innovation related to energy efficiency. It will also promote networking capabilities at national level in the EPCs among all relevant actors in the innovation value chain on energy efficiency, including academy, industry, government, financing innovation (private and public) and bridging organisations. Two international policy conferences will be organised: the first will give a status report on energy efficiency in the targeted countries based on the validated national studies and will discuss the major bottlenecks of innovation identified in this specific area, while the second one will summarize the lessons learnt, provide a cross-country analysis and form recommendations for the EU MS/ACs and national EPC governments for a wider and more effective cooperation in energy issues. Recommendations will be prepared for policy makers: “How to improveimprove innovation in energy efficiency in the EPC. Policy recommendations; 2017”.

WP5 Dissemination

WP5 (led by CERTH) will spread information about the project, with its major objective to inform all stakeholders about the activities and results of INNOVER-EAST. Cooperation will be developed with relevant international networks.

WP6 Management

WP6 (led by BZN) deals with the management of the project with great emphasis on ensuring optimal organisation, management and decision making structure.