• 18. Sept 2014

Energy Efficiency Communication 2014

The Communication, released on 23 June 2014, assesses the EU's progress towards its 20% energy efficiency goal for 2020 and analyses how energy efficiency can drive competitiveness and strengthen security of supply in the European Union in the future. Overall, it found that with current measures the EU will achieve energy savings of 18-19% by 2020. However, if all Member States work seriously to properly implement the already agreed legislation, the 20% target can be reached without the need for additional measures.


Jan 27
Nov 19
SECURE-R2I Brokerage Event in Minsk

Period: 19-11-2015 - 19-11-2015

Oct 6
1st INNOVER-EAST Training in Baku

Period: 06-10-2015 - 08-10-2015