• 20. Apr 2015

INNOVER-EAST Interactive Database is launched

The INNOVER-EAST project is proud to present its new Innovative Energy Services interactive database which aims to become a focal point for both Eastern Partnership (EaP) stakeholders that are interested in the field energy efficiency and innovation and for INNOVER-EAST project partners that are interested in developing new innovation services in energy efficiency.

INNOVER-EAST builds upon the knowledge collected in the first phase of the project and moves a step further by introducing this interactive database that will help both EaP stakeholders to promote their ongoing activities and will also facilitate to identify new business opportunities in the form of proposals for cooperation (project ideas, research results for commercialisation, partner search, etc.). In addition, the built-in collaborative tool offers the unique feature of interactivity inside the database. The administrator of the database can launch a discussion on a topic of interest where all registered users can participate and write posts using their email addresses as user names. In case of further interest users can continue their discussions in private if they find common grounds and interest for further cooperation.

The more information is made available by the registered participants in the database the easier it becomes for the external users to identify the partners of interest to them and to initiate contacts. This tool offered by the INNOVER-EAST is very easy to use since the entry to the information is provided in the form a geographic map. Once the map is displayed users have to follow two steps:

Step 1:

The information is searchable by country and by type of organization. The user has to select either a specific country via the list or by clicking on the map or to select an organization type. Once this first selection has been done the user is able to select the area that interests him. Keywords enriching the research results profiles make filtering available for an even greater user-friendliness.

Step 2:

The information according to the user preferences (made in Step 1) is now displayed in form of a list of profiles. Each specific profile can be viewed by the user by clicking on it. The information that is displayed for each specific profile includes: i) Contact details, ii) Title and area of interest, iii) End users/Beneficiaries, iv) Target sector, v) Innovation topic and achieved result, vi) Partnerships, vii) Services, viii) Information/References, ix) Source of funding if available, x) Information on the relevance for the project, xi) Method of transfer and xii) Main lessons learnt.


ENERGISTER your organisation to our IES Interactive Database to become part of the EU-EaP energy innovation community:


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