• 21. June 2015

Successful INNOVER-EAST validation workshop in Armenia

The validation workshop of the Armenian study on the state of innovation in energy efficiency was held on June 10, 2015 in the Round Hall of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia (NAS RA). The study was implemented by the Science Development Foundation, Armenian partner of the INNOVER-EAST project.

The workshop was aimed at presenting the results of the national study on drivers, barriers and bottlenecks on increasing energy efficiency in the innovation ecosystem to Armenian STI and RES/EE experts and improve/validate the report based on contributions of the experts.

Generally, the study is meant to serve as background information for identifying innovation services which are missing or are in short supply in the country and further developing and adapting them using the EU best practices. At the same time, they will be taken into account in the cross-country analysis and will contribute to formulating recommendations for the Armenian and other involved EaP stakeholders involved in innovation, Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency (RES/EE) policy making.

The validation workshop was attended by around 30 STI and RES/EE experts representing various governmental agencies and organizations, foundations, research organizations, universities, SMEs, and consultancy companies. To ensure adequate discussions the electronic version of the report was sent to participants beforehand.

The Chairman of the Science Development Foundation welcomed and invited the participants to actively get involved in discussions and share their opinion on the content of the report and conclusions.

The presentation on the INNOVER-EAST project activities and the study was made by Tigran Arzumanyan followed by general discussions where nearly all experts expressed their opinion on the study, innovation environment in the country and in RES/EE, specifically. Generally, the experts were very positive regarding the study. The articulated comments and suggestions were mainly referred to wishes for more active role of the government and the state in ensuring adequate favorable conditions for technology transfer and commercialization, in providing tax incentives for importing devices and facilities for renewable energy installations, especially in solar energy sector, and energy efficiency activities, creation of high level special council represented by all stakeholders to deal with RES/EE issues and development of suggestions for implementation, etc. The study will be finalized to include the suggestions and comments of the experts.

The workshop agenda also included presentation on innovation voucher contest in RES/EE launched within FP7 ener2i project with a deadline on July 27, 2015.


Tigran Arzumanyan, SDF NAS RA


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