• 23. May 2015

Successful INNOVER-EAST validation workshop in Belarus

Belarusian energy and innovation experts discussed the results of the national study on the state of innovation in energy efficiency. 

The validation workshop of the study on the state of innovation in energy efficiency in Belarus was held on May 14, 2015 in the premises of the Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of S&T Sphere (BelISA). The study has been undertaken by the BelISA and two other Belarusian organizations, “ENECA” Voluntary Liability Company and the Association of Energy Engineers (BelAPE) within the first, analytical phase of the INNOVER-EAST project.

The report on the study which was discussed by the national energy and innovation experts has two aims. At first, it helps to identify innovation services which are demanded by business and academia but are not yet well developed or missing in the country. The further activities of the INNOVER–EAST in Belarus will be focused on improving these innovation services. Secondly, the report presents Belarusian input to the cross-country analysis and generalized recommendations on how to improve innovation activities in energy efficiency in the Eastern Partnership which will be provided to policymakers of the five partner countries at the final stage of the project.

The validation workshop was divided in the two parts. The first one was devoted to presentation of the results of the study and structured in accordance with its main components. The session was launched by Ms. Olga Meerovskaya (BelISA). She welcomed participants on behalf of all Belarusian project partners and presented the INNOVER-EAST project and the goals, the tasks and the methodology of the national study. After this introduction, Prof. Tatyana Pospelova (ENECA) described the state of the national economy as a base for innovation activities with a special focus on international comparisons and assessments. Mr. Yauhen Hurynau (BelISA) covered the key aspects of innovation activities while Mr. Boris Rubenchik (BelAPE) provided an insight on the current state of the energy sector.

Within the second part, the report has been discussed by the national experts. In total, over 30 participants from the academic sector, business and NGOs took part in the event. They represented 4 institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NAS) working in energy and economics, 2 leading universities (Belarusian National Technical University and Belarusian State University of Technology), several companies, the “Renewable Energy” Association, the Belarusian Innovation Fund and other players.      

Opinions on the content of the report have been provided by the following experts:

Mr. Sergey Gubar, Director, Flamma Ltd.

Mr. Evgeny Volkov, Deputy Director, Consulting and Audit Company “BelAuditExpress”

Mr. Anton Gakhovich, Consultant of Resource and Energy Saving, Center of Ecological Solutions

Dr. Valery Stepanenko, Leading Researcher, Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research – “Sosny”, NAS

Dr. Sergey Kostiukevich, Head of sector, Institute of Energy, NAS

Prof. Sergey Levchenko, Head of the Lab, Heat and Mass Transfer Institute, NAS

Prof. Semion Kundas, Belarusian National Technical University

Ms. Alla Minko, Leading specialist, Belarusian Innovation Fund.

The experts have supported the goals of the study and, in general, validated its results. However, they proposed some changes and amendments which will be taken into account by the authors in the final version of the report.

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