• 03. May 2015

Successful INNOVER-EAST validation workshop in Ukraine

The validation workshop of the National Report for the INNOVER-EAST project (“Building a more effective pathway leading from research to innovation through cooperation between the European Union and Eastern Partnership countries in the field of energy efficiency”) was held at Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas on April 22, 2015.

The 36-month project targets five countries of the Eastern Partnership of the European Union: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine. The main objective is to effectively bridge the gap between research and innovation, between researchers and businesses, as well as between the EU and the Eastern European countries in the field of energy efficiency.

The workshop participants included Bohdan Bilyk, Deputy Mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk and some representatives of Ukraine's energy sector: Professor Gennadiy Ryabtsev, STC “Psychea” special programs director, Andriy Chubyk, executive director of the Center of Global Studies “Srategies XXI”. Rrepresentatives of the oil and gas industry: Sergiy Yanovskyi, chief engineer of MOP “Druzhba”, Roman Basarab, chief mechanic of branch MOP “Druzhba”, Andriy Clyun, deputy head of scientific and technical Department of PJSC "Ukrtransgaz" and Yuriy Banakhevych, head of the LPMGP Operation Department of Gas Transportation Department at PJSC "Ukrtransgaz " also took an active part in the workshop together with representatives of the civil society - Andriy Kiryanov, director of the Institute of the city development "New Ivano-Frankivsk" and Lada Malan, director of the PO "Agency for Private Initiative" and IFNTUOG scientists - experts in the field of oil and gas power engineering, economics and management. Some colleagues from abroad also attended the workshop: specialists of the ICEG European Centre (Hungary), assistant professors and professors of University of Miskolc (Hungary), Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia).

The national report on scientific and innovation barriers in promoting energy efficiency was presented to the participants by Professor Maksym Karpash, Director of the Research and Science Institute of Petroleum Engineering and Ecology. A number of problems of the energy sector limiting the prospects for economic and social development of Ukraine and its energy security were identified in the report. The main issues covered in the report are the high energy consumption and low efficiency, declining production of national natural gas resources, subsidized energy consumption, market and regulatory framework, investment climate, reducing environmental impacts from fossil fuel combustion, institutional capacity. To elaborate the comprehensive report the working group studied the local startup companies that started business by implementing innovations and reviewed public-private partnership, government spending on scientific and research works, the number of Ukrainian scientists and scientific institutions. Also, the report presents the results of surveys on energy efficiency that were conducted among businesses within the INNOVER-EAST project.

The co-author of national report, Dr. Andriy Yavorskiy, Associate Professor of the Department of Technical Diagnostics and Monitoring highlighted the factors that hinder and promote the implementation of projects in energy efficiency, and also presented the recommendations, proposed in the report, concerning the improvement of Ukraine’s Energy Policy.

Ms. Renata Jaksa, Director of ICEG European Center was also the participant of the workshop. ICEG European Center is an independent economic research institute, based in Budapest (Hungary) and is one of the project participants. Ms. Renata Jaksa made a presentation on scientific institution she represented, and elaborated the INNOVER-EAST project.

The second part of the workshop was held in the format of lively debate. Experts, scientists and working group reviewed the report together through discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the document. It was proposed to make certain amendments to the final version of the report.

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